What is Vino Artist?
An evening of wine, snacks and fun. In other words, it’s the perfect night out! Paint as much or as little as you like. Enjoy the wine, snacks, good company and the presence of some of the most talented artists in the area. Ten minutes in, you’ll be learning all kinds of techniques, discovering you own talent, and painting away.
Where are classes held?
We are conveniently located at the corner of Stevens Creek Boulevard and Saratoga Avenue our parking lot is in rear of the “Central Computer” building ( the only five story building at this location). The drive way in to the parking lot is right behind Chevrolet dealership.
What if I’m not 21?
Due to our current alcohol license restrictions – you have to be at least 21 years of age to attend our events!
What should I bring?
Yourself and your creative mind. Have family, friends, coworkers? The more the merrier bring them all we guarantee they will be glad you did. Have a voucher already, here is a special offer just for your friends to attend CLICK HERE :)!
How long is the class?
Our classes range from two and a half to three hours long. But don’t worry-there’s a break in the middle to mingle, make new friends, and shop in our lovely newly opened “The Store at VinoArtist”.
What should I expect?
Expect to let go and have fun! Enjoy great company and your own masterpiece to take home. Most importantly, expect to come back; once VinoArtist — always a VinoArtist
What is the ambiance like?
The ambiance is both elevating and welcoming, but it’s also what you make of it. In order to create, you must relax and let go. Our playlist is fun and relaxing, a lot of our VinoArtists are spotted singing along (Hint: just take another sip!)
Can I bring a friend or twp?
Of course! Attending our class is $42 ( learn how ), but seeing your friend’s painting is priceless.
Where should I pay?
All payments should be made via credit card (Pay Pal) , in advance, here. We do accept walk-ins, so long as there’s space remaining in the class (make sure you contact us for availability beforehand). Walk-ins can use cash or credit card.
What is your cancellation policy?
Given that an artist is a truly uncontrollable creature, we do kindly ask that you negotiate with us no later than 48 hours before the class so we can accommodate you with a better date. All class changes must be made 48 hours prior to the class via email, we will charge event fee for reservation  not cancelled  48 hours in advance, all sales are final. For any schedule change request email us. We will gladly reschedule your first reservation when request is made 48 hours prior to the class, free of charge. Any consecutive request are subject to a $10 dollar charge per registration. Rescheduling for a future date for an expired voucher will not be made.
Is there free parking?
Absolutely! It’s all on sight. Park your car, ride your bike, or valley your magic carpet with our friendly receptionist on the 3rd floor.
Should I bring my own cash for snacks or drinks?
Everything is on the house, but if you’d like to tip our amazing staff and instructors, you’re more than welcome to bring cash.
Do you have a loyalty program for returning customers?
Coming soon!
What about incentive programs?
We have those too. Please check our specials for on-going promotions.
Do you take pictures?
We’re glad you asked. We take ample pictures during the class and individual pictures after the class. All the pictures are posted on our Facebook page in a timely manner.
Can I bring my own supplies?
You most certainly can, but you really don’t have to. We provide anything and everything that you need to complete your masterpiece.
What should I wear?
Dress to impress. A tux, nice dress or stylish hat will garner some friendly nods. Water-skies, roller-blades or fins will earn a round of applause. We also provide you with a lovely polka dot apron that you may use during your class to protect your gown. New and clean aprons are also available in our store for purchase in five vibrant colors. 
Should you expect that class might run over scheduled time?
We promise to do our best to finish all the sessions on time. However based on the difficulty of the painting and the fact that not all attendees tend to arrive on time our classes may spill over. While our instructors will stay as long as needed to ensure that everyone’s masterpiece is complete, we kindly ask that you plan your further attractions accordingly.
Do you provide free WiFi?
How did we know you’d ask ? I guess we’re just that good. WiFi is certainly available-we’ve got you covered, in case you are working from home ;)!